Running Socks (New)

Buying A Pair Of Quality Running Shoes With Cheap Socks Is Like Adding Cheap Fuel In A Sports Car

Introducing Thorlos’ premium running socks, custom-designed to maximize both comfort and performance. These will hug the curves of your foot for maximum acceleration running over miles and miles. You'll never want to run in anything else!

Our Thorlos running socks provide various levels of protective padding based on your needs:

Experia: Designed and made for people with no blisters, with healthy fat pads and no foot pain during activities.

Light: Designed and made for people with little to no blisters, medium thickness fat pads and minimal foot pain during activities.

Classic: Designed and made for people with bad blisters, reduced thickness of fat pads and foot pain during activities.

All of them offers superior resilience, softness, durability, and moisture-wicking for: drier, healthier, better feeling feet!

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