Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Guarantee Provisions 

Thorlos Lifetime Guarantee covers materials and workmanship against defects for the useful life of the product (see below for details). If a Thorlos product fails, we will replace it with the same product, or if that product is not available or no longer in production, with another comparable product. In the event no suitable replacement is available, we will replace with a product of similar value and function. 

‘Lifetime’ is defined as the physical, useful service life of the knitted product, and is not transferable if the socks are worn by one person and then given to, sold to, or worn by another. 

The guarantee does NOT apply to Thorlos products sold by unauthorized third party resellers. 

What is covered?
Thorlos products are built to perform for extended periods of usage. It is not unusual for our products to perform well for many years. However, inevitably every textile product eventually wears out. Fibers deteriorate and fade; and friction, dirt and repeated washing will cause fabrics to degrade to the point where they are no longer viable. Products that are worn more frequently obviously will wear out more quickly, and products that are not properly laundered according to instructions will not last as long as products that are cared for properly.

We cover your Thorlos against any manufacturing defects, until such time as they have been used and worn out beyond a reasonable service life, and against any product failures NOT caused by extraordinary events due to negligence or improper use (for example, socks worn without shoes). 
What is a reasonable service life? Thousands of consumers have told us that they keep Thorlos for ten or more years. However, textile products, including apparel, outer wear and underwear, typically have a useful service life of no more than five years, if they are worn regularly, rotated conscientiously, and cared for properly.
This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, or the natural breakdown of colors and materials over extended time and use. If your Thorlos have lasted five years or more during regular usage, they have performed well. Use common sense when returning Thorlos - It may simply be time to replace them.

Also note that taking good care of your Thorlos will help ensure a longer service life. See our laundering and care instructions here: Thorlos Care, Thorlos FAQ's and Thorlos Warranty.

What does “Defect” Mean?
A defect is any issue related to a product that occurs as a result of a mistake in manufacturing, dyeing or finishing. It does not include holes or tears in the fabric that may occur as a result of opening the package or detaching it improperly from the socks. Examples of manufacturing defects include ruptures in seams, misaligned seams, unstitched cuffs, and failures of fabric within the first six months of wear (not including rips or tears as a result of activities done while wearing the products). Thorlo will replace unconditionally those products that clearly demonstrate defects in materials or workmanship. “Materials” refer to the yarns, threads and fabrics; “workmanship” refers to seams cuffs, and overall sock construction. Damage due to wear and tear such as rips, tears, abrasions or other degradation, misuse or neglect is not covered under our warranty policy.

What does Product Failure mean?
Product failure can occur when Thorlos are stressed or used outside of their design specifications and recommendations, and are no longer able to function in the manner for which they are intended. For example, Thorlos are designed and intended to be worn with shoes, and not as slippers or footwear, either indoors or outdoors.
Product failure can occur when the product is ripped, torn, or damaged in use (for example, getting caught on a shrub or bush while hiking).
Product failure can also occur as a result of a manufacturing defect.
Thorlos will replace failed products only when the failure is due to a manufacturing defect.
DO NOT ATTEMPT to darn, sew, or otherwise repair failed products. Doing so voids the guarantee.

Terms and Conditions for returning products
In order for THORLO to accept returned Thorlos socks for evaluation for possible replacement, they MUST be laundered and clean, and must not have been altered in any way (darned, patched, re-sewn or otherwise deliberately altered). Return shipment cost is at the expense of the consumer. THORLO will not pay replacement shipping cost. We strongly suggest that products returned to us be sent using a shipping method that can be tracked, in the event the package is lost in transit. It may also be desirable to insure the package for a nominal amount (some shipping services automatically cover losses up to $50, but it is your decision to increase that amount or not). Thorlo is not responsible for any returned product that does not reach us.

Thorlos will not replace any socks returned to us that are identified as a brand or style not produced by Thorlos.

Thorlos will not replace any socks returned to us that are not clean/have not been properly laundered.

Thorlos may not replace any socks returned that do not include proof of original purchase.

Thorlos will not replace any socks returned to us and that are deemed to have been used beyond their reasonable expected service life.

The guarantee is applicable only to Thorlos and Experia socks, and not to any other products sold by Thorlos unless otherwise indicated.