Experia® Prolite - Unisex Micro-mini

Black on Black

ProLite was specially designed for the bio-mechanics of long distance running like marathons, ultra runs and endurance running. In those situations, the foot needs enhanced cooling and the wicking of sweat becomes incredibly important. Experia® ProLite is exceptional at both. The friction-free nature of NanoGLIDE® in conjunction with its cooling and wicking properties create the best “bio-environment” for the distance runner’s feet. If you are a “heavy sweater” (hyperhidrosis) you will really appreciate the hydrophobic properties of NanoGLIDE® to move the moisture away from your foot at incredible speed and out of the sock to the shoe and on to the external environment.

Up to 30% lighter than leading ultra-light running socks, yet virtually eliminates painful chafing, hot spots, and blisters. Guaranteed! The padding density in Experia® ProLite varies throughout the sock depending on function. For example, the padding under the ball and heel is the thinnest padding we’ve ever been able to construct for a runner’s foot protection. Each section of the sock frame uses a different yarn configuration and fabric density to optimize performance requirements for serious runners who are focused on meeting the next goal they’ve set for themselves.

5 reasons you’ll love Experia® ProLite whether you are training or finishing on race day…