Men's Therapeutic Socks

Our Thorlos Mens's Therapeutic Socks are made for men who experience diabetes and need more tissue and skin protection.

They are designed to help your feet feel great, avoid blisters, foot pain, and discomfort. 

Try Thorlos risk free with our 30 Day Comfort Guarantee. If Thorlos aren't the most comfort socks you've ever worn... we'll give you a full refund. 

Protect your feet from diabetes & active aging with Thorlos today!

Advanced Diabetic - Men's

Moderate padding to cushion the foot with a non-restricting cuff.

Made with our original patented THOR•LON® yarns for a softer feel that wicks moisture away.

Suitable For: Women requiring extra skin and soft tissue protection.

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Padds® Therapeutic Socks

Moderate padding across the ball and heel.

Made with patented THOR•WICK® COOL yarns for a lighter feel that wicks moisture away.

Suitable For: Individuals with diabetes or those experiencing low level to moderate foot pain.

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