Protect Your Fat Pads

Thorlo are the only socks in the world clinically proven* to reduce pain, blisters, moisture and pressure while protecting the fat pads on your feet.

By preserving your fat pads now, you can keep active as you age and continue to do the activities you love.

The Thorlo Difference

To discover the Thorlo difference for yourself, simply turn your current socks inside out.

The high volume terry loops used in Thorlo provide extra padding, protecting your fat pads from impact and friction.

Don't Sweat It...

Cotton and wool socks collapse from sweat, so the friction from your shoe is transferred straight into your foot to damage your fat pads and potentially cause blisters.

Thorlo hydrophobic (water repellent) yarns don't collapse from sweat, wicking moisture away while providing a shock absorber that protects your foot by dissipating friction into the padding.

Longer Lasting

Nylon (think fishing line) is often used so socks last longer, but also creates a scratchy feeling.

By only using a layer of nylon on the outside, Thorlo don't wear thin or get holes while still remaining soft and comfy.

30-Day Comfort Guarantee™

If Thorlo aren't the most comfortable socks you've ever worn, we'll give you a full refund.

It's that simple, try a pair today...

Available In-store At Leading Retailers

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