Thorlos DOC Customers - Employees, Volunteers and Helpers Discounts


Thorlos is passionate about the outdoors and nature. To show our support, we have partnered up with the Department of Conservation to provide you with the right gear for the job.  

People like yourself, who are committed to protect and restore our species, environment and heritage deserve the best gear as you do your best to keep New Zealand great.  

Thorlos is the leader in comfortable foot protection and offers approved members direct pricing on a specific range of Thorlos activity-specific socks. 

This ensures you have the right protection when performing the various projects and tasks required by DOC.   


  1. You must be working, volunteering or helping the Department of Conservation
  2. Your email domain e.g. “” must match the list of funded provides given to us by DOC

If you have any trouble registering, then please reach out to Customer Service at so we can help you out. 


Doc Customers 

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 Terms & Conditions  

  1. If accepted your membership will be active for 12 months from the approval date. After 12 months we will ask you to renew your membership again under the THORLOS DOC MEMBER APPLICATION
  1. If accepted, your membership is strictly for your own benefit. Any accounts abusing the system will be de-activated.