About us

When American Jim Throneburg started the Thorlos brand in early 1980’s, he dreamed of being the best in the world at foot protection. Since then, the passion and purpose of Thorlos have remained to be Caretakers of the World’s Feet. Not only did Thorlos create a superior sock knitting technology, but we also became the first company to create different sock products for various activities. Today we are the undisputed leader in the world of activity-specific socks.

Thorlos products outperform other socks today due to their engineered padded technology, special fiber blends and activity specific designs. Independent clinical testing has confirmed the benefits of Thorlos with results illustrating that our clinically-tested padding reduces blisters, moisture, foot pain, and the pressures that contribute to pain and other foot conditions.


We know that millions of people’s feet are hurting but that no two feet are the same; therefore, we want to take the time necessary to understand your individual situation so that we can be a true partner with you in finding the right foot protection solution. Thorlos is not just a company that makes sock products. Thorlos is a company with a vision, a company that dreams about improving your health, wellness and enjoyment of life by protecting and enhancing the health and well-being of your feet. Every day we strive to learn and improve on some aspect of what we do and who we aspire to be…  Caretakers of the World’s Feet.