How To Prevent Blisters While Running

Athletes typically spend 95% of their time training and just 5% competing for events like marathons.

It's during the intense training periods that common problems like blisters tend to pop up, which can throw you off your training routine. 

So, let's dive in and explore how you can prevent blisters while running. This way you can reach the start line uninjured and achieve your running goals. 


What Are Blisters?

Blisters appear as a single bubble or in clusters on the top layer of the skin and can vary in size. They typically contain clear fluid, but they can also be filled with pus or blood. 

     Tayla Earles Blisters


    How Do Blisters Form?

    One of the major forces on your feet is a shearing force, where two objects repeatedly rub against each other in opposite directions. This creates friction which forms blisters.  

    The repeated rubbing against the skin causes the outer layer to separate and form an extra layer to protect the inner layer of the skin. This process aids in healing the damaged skin, but it can cause you some discomfort in the meantime.



    What Causes Blisters When You Run?

    Did you know that cotton and merino socks fail to prevent the friction that leads to blisters?

    These socks lack the specific padding in the areas of your feet prone to friction. They are also made from the wrong materials that can absorb excess moisture that can contribute to blistering. 

    These types of socks in particular can absorb up to 1.5 cups of sweat during a marathon, but instead of protecting your feet... their padding will collapse under pressure and lose its cushioning. 

    The cotton or wool socks can't prevent friction, this means you're at a higher risk of developing blisters. 


    How Can You Prevent Blisters While Running?  

    There are temporary solutions that most people go for to prevent blisters such as taping your feet and moisturising your feet if you have overly dry skin.

    Temporary solutions like these will only work for some people and blisters can still form underneath the tape and on surfaces that are too slippery and sticky.

    So, here's another solution you can try instead: 


    Wear Socks That Dissipate Friction & Are Engineered To Your Specific Activity 

    The best way to prevent blisters is to wear socks that dissipate friction and is engineered for running. They will draw moisture away from your skin (called wicking) and is crucial to prevent blisters. 

    Thorlo Running socks are specifically designed for running. They are made from water-repellent yarns which means that they don't absorb sweat. 

    Compared to regular socks, Thorlo socks are made from larger terry loops. So, if you turn your sock inside out, you'll notice it's almost like a towel which is supposed to give your socks a padded feel. 

    The high density terry loops means that the padding is more durable and is more effective at wicking away moisture.

    The specifically designed place padding dissipates the friction and it will go into the sock instead of your foot, which helps prevents blisters and damage. 

    This makes...

    Thorlo the ONLY socks in the world clinically proven to reduce blisters, pain, moisture, and pressure. 

    Hannah Gapes is a middle distance runner from Rotorua. She won the Women's 10km at the 2021 Rotorua Marathon and competes in many cross country championships, achieving significant milestones.

    She wears the Thorlo Experia Running socks and finds them ideal for preventing blisters in all conditions, especially in hot and humid weather as they are moisture wicking whilst being super comfortable and supportive. 

    You can here more about what Hannah has to say here


    And Remember, Wear Properly Fitted Shoes With Your Activity Specific Engineered Socks 

    Choosing the right pair of socks to protect your feet from friction is only half the job.

    In order to ensure your feet are fully protected against blisters, wearing well-fitted shoes paired with your engineered running socks is a key method to prevent any unnecessary pressure adding the friction in your step.  

    If your shoes are too tight or too loose, it can rub against your skin and result in blisters. 


    It's Time For You To Run Blister-Free!

    Prevent running blisters by wearing socks that dissipate friction and are activity specific engineered with properly fitted shoes. 

    We have a selection of different styles engineered for a range of running activities. You can check out Thorlo running socks here to find the right protection for your run.

    This approach ensures you have the most comfortable run every time, shifting your focus to achieve your running goals instead of worrying about your feet. 

    Happy running!

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