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  • Thorlos Edge Running Sock - Unisex - White / Black
  • Thorlos Edge Running Sock - Unisex - White / Blue Aster
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Edge Running Sock - Unisex

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Running is a high-impact activity that can lead to pain and degradation of the fat pads on the heel and ball of your foot without proper protection.

Thorlos Edge is the most durable, comfortable running sock on the planet and clinically proven to protect your feet while reducing pain, blisters, moisture, and pressure.

Suitable for any runs from 5km through to full marathons on all terrains and in most weather conditions. They include these unique features: 

  • Impact Protection - Cushion Suspension System™ technology provides padding in the forefoot and heel to protect your foot from impact and shearing forces where you need it the most, plus dynamic linkage in the midfoot for precision fit and performance.
  • Moisture Wicking - Unique NanoGLIDE® fibres incorporated in the THOR•LON® yarn are moisture-resistant to maintain cushioning, yet breathable so your skin stays cool and socks dry fast. Importantly the addition of NanoGLIDE® further reduces any possible friction and thus significantly lowers the prospects of blistering.
  • No-Rub Toe Seam - Reduces friction and irritation with additional cushioning to help prevent runner’s toe.
  • Outstanding Quality - High-quality (fibres) yarns are incorporated in the pads that are designed to complement the natural contours of the foot to create a better fit and a more comfortable run and ultimately better performance.
  • Long-Lasting - The extended life padding, terry loop design, and hard-wearing patented yarns provide exceptional durability by reducing friction to help keep your socks performing longer without wearing thin or getting holes.
  • Strategic Support - Graduated compression helps reduce fatigue in your legs by supporting your arch and ankle while preventing the sock from bunching or sliding down.

Founded in 1982, only Thorlos have peer-reviewed, clinically tested medical research proving the dense padding at the ball and heel helps to protect the fat pads of your feet while reducing pain, blisters, moisture, and pressure.

They are the ultimate in comfortable foot protection.

After all, it doesn't make sense to invest hundreds of dollars in quality shoes, only to buy inferior socks that will damage your feet.

Thorlos Comfort Guarantee™
Try Thorlos for a full 30 days and if they’re not the most comfortable sock you’ve ever worn… we’ll give you a full refund!

Every good runner knows that quality running shoes are important for success…

But every great runner knows that your socks provide critical protection next to your skin and the performance enhancement you need to take your running to the next level. 

Typically, athletes spend more than 95% of their time training for their events. Wearing Thorlos helps mitigate any risk of injury during training allowing them to get to the start line uninjured and a much better chance of achieving their goal.

Get your Thorlos Edge running socks today by clicking Add To Cart above or visiting your closest store…

And we guarantee they’ll be the best socks you’ve ever worn.

Protect Your Fat Pads

By preserving your fat pads now, you can keep active as you age and continue to do the activities your love.

The Thorlos Difference

The high volume terry loops provide extra padding, dissipate friction, last longer, and don't collapse from sweat.

That's why Thorlos are the only socks clinically proven* to reduce pain, blisters, moisture and pressure while protecting your fat pads.

Try Risk Free

Don't invest in quality shoes and then find your socks let you down.

If Thorlos aren't the most comfortable socks you've ever worn... we'll give you a full refund.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kirsty Chalmers
Fantastic running support!

I came to the website to buy some more of my favourite classic running socks and also came across these and decided I had to try them! After trying them out, I came back and bought some more. They are not quite as heavily cushioned as the classic running but offer superb comfort and the design of these socks provides the most wonderful feeling of sling-like support. They are now my favourite running socks, and I make sure I always wear these on my longer (10km+) runs as they keep my feet feeling supported, pain-free and dry. Yes, the moisture-wicking really is great - my feet stay dry even if I do happen to get a bit of water in my shoes on one of those stream crossings! I can't recommend them highly enough.

Tessa A
Worth every penny

I have just started running again and noticed I was getting sore feet at about 5km and blisters by 10km in my cotton socks. My dad has been a keen marathon runner my whole life and mainly wears thorlos classic socks so I thought I’d give thorlos a try. In them I didn’t even notice my feet until 8km and after 10-12km there were no blisters. Such a huge improvement! I did run 15km yesterday though and got a few small blisters, but know my feet will continue to adapt and it is great knowing I am doing all I can to prevent blisters with excellent socks and supportive shoes. The only downside is my feet are so toasty in them, which will be fab in the winter but is slightly uncomfortable when running in 24+ degree heat.

Elaine Jordan
Unisex Edge Running Sock

I bought these socks for golf and they are the most cushioned socks I have ever worn. My feet stay cool and dry and do not ache after 18 holes of golf.

Eyan YU

Edge Running Sock - Unisex