The Foot Survival Guide For Marathon Runners

How To Get Your Feet To The Finish Line Without The Pain & Blisters Commonly Experienced By Runners

Are You Planning  To  Run A Half Or Full Marathon?  

Then you need to look after your feet.

As a runner, you’re going to spend 95% of your time training...

And so, one of the most important challenges you’ll face is how to get to the start line of your event feeling great and without injuries.

Because we all know that foot pain or blisters are going to slow you down, reduce your enjoyment, and stop you from performing at your best.

Running Increases The Impact On Your Feet By 7 Times!

Podiatric surgeon Dr. Jacqueline Sutera explains that the impact of your body from running increases by seven times your body weight. 

That’s like carrying around 7 identical twins in your backpack every time you go for a run!

Which is why running can cause injuries or severe problems later in life if you don’t look after your feet. 

And it’s critical that you protect your feet while training or racing so you can continue doing what you love for the rest of your life.

The Only Fat You Don't Want To Lose...

However, the main problem of running isn’t something that is often talked about.

Running can accelerate the loss of the fat pads on the ball and heel of your foot over time.

Fat pads provide the essential natural cushioning system to decrease the effect of pressure, impact, and friction on the foot.

It protects the bones, blood vessels, and nerves... that's why it’s the only fat you don’t want to lose!

Your Fat Pads Will Also Naturally Degrade Over Your Lifetime

You’re born with thick fat pads on the ball and heel of your feet that provide significant support to your muscles and bones.

However, when you begin to age the fat pads begin to degrade, providing less and less support for your feet.

By the time many of us have reached the age of 40, we’ve lost as much as 50% of our fat pads.

This is why people often develop foot problems and experience pain that stops them from doing the activities they enjoy.

The Two Major Forces On Your Feet

Shearing forces are when two objects are pushed against each other in different directions.

An easy example of this is the ball of your foot rubbing against your shoes or socks while running or walking.

Impact forces occur when your feet strike the ground with every step you take. 

These shearing and impact forces both contribute to the reduction of your fat pads, while also being the main reasons your feet and body experience problems.



Shearing Forces Also Cause Blisters

Blisters are caused by friction and heat which can damage the upper layer of skin. 

This allows a build-up of fluid under the skin which creates the blisters that can bring your training to a standstill (or at least make it more painful than necessary).

It’s important to remember that the foot is an extremely complex structure made up of 26 bones and 33 joints that work together with 19 muscles and 107 ligaments to perform very precise movements.

That’s why running can also make you more prone to develop heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, and inflammation of the foot.

Choosing The Right Running Shoes Is Not Enough

It’s recommended that you buy at least one dedicated pair of running shoes that you keep in good shape (and are not wearing for everyday use).

However, a study in the US found that approximately 60% of adults have “mismated” feet...

This means we have different sized feet, with one being smaller or larger than the other and this is completely normal. 

This simply means you’ll never find a pair of shoes that fit both feet perfectly.


Now Before You Panic...

I know we’ve covered a lot of potential problems with your feet right now...

But don’t worry, as the good news on how to fix all these issues is coming up next.

Just know that it’s not your fault that nobody has ever taught you about all these problems above. 

Simply because most people think that choosing the right running shoes is all you can do to protect your feet.

Have You Ever Gone Running In Golf Shoes?

Of course not, it makes no sense.

Just like you wouldn’t wear a skiing outfit to go running either.

You have specific footwear and clothing that you wear while running...

And that’s why you need socks specifically designed for running as well.

But I’m Already Wearing Running Socks?

Most runners get by with cheap “running socks” bought in multiple packs from the local discount retailer.

Or perhaps you’ve invested more for fancy branded socks from a shoe company that aren’t that much better.

Unfortunately, most “running socks” are called that simply because they're ankle height... 

Not because they’re specifically designed for running. 

Introducing: Thorlos - The Leader In Activity-Specific Socks

Just like there are walking, golf, tennis, skateboarding, and running shoes.

Every activity needs different socks to maximise performance...

And Thorlos have been designing them since 1982.

Only Thorlos have peer-reviewed, published medical research proving to protect the fat pads of your feet while reducing pain, blisters, moisture, and pressure.


What's Important In Sock Construction?

Socks are made from yarns arranged in a pattern called terry loops.

If you turn your sock inside out, you’ll notice it’s like a towel which is supposed to give your socks a padded feel.

Moisture is also wicked away by these terry loops because they create more surface area (just like your towel again).

Thorlos uses larger terry loops to create more padding and be more effective at wicking moisture away from your foot to the outside of your shoe.

What Are The Best Materials For Socks?

Cotton is a common material for socks, yet when you sweat the material collapses... 

This removes the padding you require so the shearing forces create blisters.

Merino acts in the same way, even though it’s promoted as a “moisture-wicking fibre”...

Plus, it wears out quickly and must be combined with other fibres to stop it from getting holes.



So What Are Thorlos Made Of?

Thorlos socks are made with proprietary THORWICK®COOL  yarn that provides the unique cushioning that Thorlos is famous for, while also cooling your sweaty feet to prevent blisters.

They also use nylon on the bottom of the sock where your foot rubs the shoe to dramatically increase the durability...

While keeping its soft feel on the inside. 

This is a big difference to other socks that just blend nylon throughout the entire sock and hence loose the comfort... and the durability because of the way it’s done.


Other Benefits Of Thorlos...

The No-Rub Toe Seam reduces friction and irritation with additional cushioning to help prevent runner’s toe. 

Plus, it’s anatomically designed with the natural contours of the foot to create a better fit and more comfortable run.

Because Thorlos was founded in 1982 and is the only sock company to have peer-reviewed, published medical research that proves they reduce pain, blisters, moisture and pressure...

You can trust that every little detail has been carefully considered in every Thorlos sock.


But Don’t Trust Us, Here’s What Some Of Our Customers Have To Say...


Choosing The Best Sock For You...

The socks below are arranged in order from most padding to least padding, so you can choose the level most appropriate to your needs. 

Thorlos Classic Running

Heights: Crew, Mini-Crew, Micro-Mini, Roll Top

Thorlos Classic Running is our original design that is specifically engineered for running and clinically proven to protect your feet while reducing pain, blisters, moisture, and pressure.

Suitable for people with foot pain enjoying short, but intense runs or going long distances on all terrains and in most weather conditions. 

Find out more about Thorlos Classic Running here


Thorlos Edge Running

Heights: Micro-Mini

Thorlos Edge Running has less padding than our Classic Running but keeps it in all the right places.

Suitable for any runs from 5km through to full marathons on all terrains and in most weather conditions. 

Find out more about Edge Running here


    Thorlos Light Running 

    Heights: Mini-Crew, Micro-Mini

    Light Running is specifically engineered for better comfort and is clinically proven to protect your feet from blisters, foot pain, moisture, and pressure.

    This design is suitable for runners who have minor or no foot conditions, who are enjoying a short run in warmer weather conditions. 

      Thorlos utilises lighter-weight versions of its renowned unique padding design elements to produce arguably the best lightweight performance socks available to the discerning consumer.

      Find out more about Light Running - Men's and Light Running - Women's 



      Heights: Micro-Mini

      Want a lightweight sock that still offers foot protection in all the right places?

      Thorlos Experia is anatomically designed for an aerodynamic fit to provide protection without weight. 

      Suitable for high-performance runners, cyclists, hikers, fitness walkers, and gym-goers who prefer a minimal amount of foot protection and don't suffer from foot pain. 

      Find out more about Experia here


        Why You Need To Invest In The Best Foot Protection

        Every serious runner invests in a pair of quality running shoes, often costing $200+…

        You don’t go out and buy a cheap pair of shoes from a discount store and hope to finish a marathon with happy feet.

        So why would you buy cheap socks that will only cause you foot pain (either now or in the future)? 

        Make sure you match your quality running shoes with quality running socks and experience the Thorlos difference today.

        Order Now Before It’s Too Late

        The worst thing about training for a marathon is getting injured before you even get to the start line. 

        As we said at the start, 95% of your running is going to be spent training.

        So invest in a quality pair of Thorlos running socks and ensure you can train for (and complete) your marathon in good health.

        Backed by our 30 Day Thorlos Comfort Guarantee™

        You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

        Find out more about Thorlos right now and order today online or use our Store Finder to find your closest retailer.