Court Protection

Thorlo court socks are made for sports with fast changes of direction like basketball, netball, tennis, squash, cricket and more.

The unique padding retains its cushioning because the water repellent (hydrophobic) yarns wick moisture away and does not collapse like cotton or wool.

And by using a nylon coating on the outside, they last longer while remaining soft inside. 

Thorlo are the only socks that are clinically proven* to reduce foot pain, blisters, moisture and pressure. 

Choose the best pair for you below... 

Classic "Tennis"

Maximum padding across the ball and heel to protect against friction with enhanced toe protection for quick start/stop movements.

Made with our original patented THOR•LON® yarns for a softer feel that wicks moisture away.

Suitable For: Players who want maximum protection or currently experience foot pain with any court sports.

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Edge Court

Maximum padding across the ball and heel, enhanced toe protection, and compression across the arch.

Made with patented NanoGLIDE® technology that minimises friction while wicking moisture.

Suitable For: Players who desire the most comfortable and durable sock on the planet for any court sport.

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Light "Tennis"

Moderate padding across the ball and heel with minimal padding across the arch and enhanced toe protection.

Made with patented THOR•WICK® COOL yarns for a lighter feel that wicks moisture away.

Suitable For: People who want moderate protection to keep playing any court sport they love.

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