Elijah Thomas - World Rank #220 Squash Player & Thorlo Ambassador

Elijah Thomas - World Rank #220 Squash Player & Thorlo Ambassador

Who is Elijah Thomas

Elijah Thomas is a young professional Squash Player based in Epsom, Auckland. He ranks at #220 in the World as of November 2021 and is already making leaps and bounds in his Squash career.

As a Thorlo Ambassador, Elijah strives for success and is determined to exceed expectations in comfort and protection with the support of Thorlo Activity Specific socks. Thorlo socks are clinically proven to help reduce the pain, blisters and moisture that Elijah experiences on court during his training and his matches.

Elijah's Accomplishments

At just 19 years old, Elijah Thomas has already built an impressive resume on squash that includes:

1. 5x NZ age group squash champion
2. 2019 Oceania U17 champion
3. Australian Junior Open champion
4. Ranking #2 in the 2019 World Squash Federation World U17 boys
5. 2x New Zealand junior team representative at World Junior Championships 2018 and 2019

He is now on track to represent New Zealand at the 2022 Commonwealth Games for squash. To further his training, he will be travelling to Europe.

What Elijah Has To Say About Thorlo

As a Thorlo ambassador, Elijah shares how Thorlo has been helping him in his journey:

"I have been using Thorlo socks for over 3 months now to help me in training and competition for professional squash.

Before using Thorlo socks, I had problems with blisters and heel pain for many years as a result of constant pressure and friction caused by squash training and competition.

I have tried many different solutions such as changing my insoles, changing shoes, and taping my feet. None of these solutions worked nearly as well as a change in socks from various cotton-based socks to Thorlo socks.

What Elijah Has To Say About The Thorlo Edge Court Socks

The Thorlo Edge Court Socks have extra padding on the forefoot and heels of the foot, which are key areas of my feet that require protection to absorb pressure and friction.

The socks are extremely lightweight and breathable, which has helped me move fast and freely without compromising comfort.

The Edge Court Socks have kept my feet dry in all different conditions both on and off-court. This has helped keep my feet blister-free, despite training in humid and wet conditions that previously caused blisters.

These socks are extremely durable, still providing me with all of the above benefits after months of constant use, whereas the previous socks I used would often rip.

I would recommend the Edge Court Socks to anyone who requires a lightweight, moisture-wicking sock but still need extra protection of the forefoot and heel.

Edge Court


What Elijah Has To Say About The Thorlo Tennis Socks

The Thorlo Tennis Socks are incredibly comfortable and have extra padding on all areas of the foot for maximum protection.

The moisture-wicking material of the Tennis Socks has helped keep my feet dry in all sorts of conditions, which has stopped blisters on my toes and the balls of my feet.

The extra padding has helped absorb pressure and friction on my feet which has prevented blisters and heel pain.

Although these socks are thicker and have great padding, they are also surprisingly lightweight which allows me to move fast and freely.

After months of constant use, these socks still have excellent padding and have stayed in great condition.

I would recommend the Tennis Socks to anyone looking for a comfortable, moisture-wicking sock with protection on all areas of the foot."

Tennis Crew Socks


You can follow Elijah's journey on his Facebook @elijahthomassquash

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We want to thank Elijah for sharing his experience with our Edge Court & Tennis Socks and how they have supported him in his journey as a professional squash player. If you are like Elijah who wants to play squash, tennis or any court sports for longer with less discomfort and more precision, get your Thorlo Edge Court Socks/Tennis Socks today or visit your closest store... 

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