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Light Hiking - Men's Crew

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Do you want to enjoy your hike without having to worry about the pain and stress on your feet?

Thorlos Light Hiking socks are specifically engineered to provide protection from blisters, foot pain, and discomfort while providing maximum comfort for your walk.

Try Thorlos Light Hiking socks on when buying new boots for an optimum and integrated fit to deliver you miles of comfort. You won’t be disappointed

Thorlos Light Hiking is suitable for individuals who enjoy day hikes in warmer weather on flat to varied terrain. They include these unique features:

  • Moisture Wicking - Proprietary THOR•LON® and THORWICK®COOL yarn throughout the sock maintain cushioning while cooling your foot to reduce blisters and sweaty feet through resilient, soft pads at ball and heel.
  • Cushioned Instep - Arch support designed for a better fit, more support, and reduced lace pressure on the instep.
  • Low Profile Toe Seam - Reduces friction and irritation with unique padding to help prevent pressure and provide comfort.
  • Unique Padding - The materials that are specifically engineered for hiking and are clinically proven to reduce blisters, pain, pressure, and moisture.
  • Ventilation Channel - Channel between the instep pad and ball and heel pads that aid better air circulation and moisture movement inside your boot for increased comfort.
  • Enhance Fit - The thick cushioning enhances the fit of the shoe by filling gaps where needed.

Founded in 1982, only Thorlos have peer-reviewed, clinically tested medical research proving the dense padding at the ball and heel helps to protect the fat pads of your feet while reducing pain, blisters, moisture, and pressure. 

They are ultimate in comfortable foot protection.

After all, it doesn't make sense to invest hundreds of dollars in quality boots, only to buy inferior socks that will damage your feet

Thorlos Comfort Guarantee™
Try Thorlos for a full 30 days and if they're not the most comfortable sock you've ever worn... we'll give you a full refund.

Try Thorlos Light Hiking socks on when buying new boots for an optimum and integrated fit to deliver you miles of comfort. You won’t be disappointed.

Every good hiker knows that quality hiking boots are important for success...

But every great hiker knows that your socks provide critical protection next to your skin and the performance enhancement you need to take your adventure to the next level. 

Get your Thorlos Light Hiking socks today by clicking Add To Cart above or visiting your nearest store...

And we guarantee they'll be the most comfortable socks you've ever worn.


Protect Your Fat Pads

By preserving your fat pads now, you can keep active as you age and continue to do the activities your love.

The Thorlos Difference

The high volume terry loops provide extra padding, dissipate friction, last longer, and don't collapse from sweat.

That's why Thorlos are the only socks clinically proven* to reduce pain, blisters, moisture and pressure while protecting your fat pads.

Try Risk Free

Don't invest in quality shoes and then find your socks let you down.

If Thorlos aren't the most comfortable socks you've ever worn... we'll give you a full refund.

Customer Reviews

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Great soxs

Very comfortable soxs.... Easy to wear on longer hikes.